017 – Whole Relationships: Motives

Our brains are always at work making sense of people through ascribing motives.  But this ancient hack can fall short of serving it’s purpose in some major ways.  Here, I give 7 (or 8) principles that can help navigate the tricky terrain of making sense of peoples’ words and actions.



016 – Whole Relationships: Truth

Whole relationships are based on trust and truth.  But what is truth?  The truth is, objective truth can’t be separated from our personal relationships, attachment, and our very humanity.  If we want to have functional relationships, we have to stop killing truth with the games that we play, and create margin for truth to grow.

015 – Whole Relationships: Power

All relationships are power seeking power.   We often don’t realize it, since power comes in so many hidden forms, but everything we do and every interaction we have is based on this singular quest.  It is a universally human appetite that underlies every squabble and conflict under the sun.   Relationships will die if our power quest is left unchecked. There is a another more powerful force that feeds relationship: grace.

014 – Whole Relationships: Organic

Relationships don’t just happen.  They grow.  Ancient cultures likened us to trees and fruit — this is us.  Every relationship with a spouse, a child, a friend, a parent, or a boss — grows from something into something.   The best relationships start with nothing on but our identity.  And from that they give and give – and become something the world desperately needs.

012 – Food: Winning the Change

Failure is not a great teacher if you fail so many times that you give up. So many of us have given up on changing our diet because we have failed until we finally judged ourselves critically. When we zoom out and look at the big picture, we really just failed to take into account, and prepare ourselves for, the complexity of the task at hand. When we understand it, and commit, we can win the change.

011 – Food: Changing Our Eating w/David Meyer, Jonathan Henry, and Chris Hatchett

Here, I sit down with three friends who have made serious and lasting changes in their diets.  We discuss their stories, what spurred on the changes, why this is a spiritual issue for them, and the need for keeping their new lifestyle alive.

010 – Food: Healthy Eating w/Dr. Tony Rector

Here, we bring on Dr. Rector to discuss Healthy Eating 101.   We cover common myths, the food pyramid, diet-induced illnesses, how culture and politics has skewed our perceptions of healthy eating, and where to start on the road to a better diet.

008 – Food: The Spiritual Science of Eating

Both what we eat and how we eat are but tips of an iceberg.  There is a deeper spiritual reality under the surface of it all.  This series is about helping us see the hidden realities that drive our diets, and what we can do to be healthy people who eat to live, and live life to the fullest.